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Existing models of society are crumbling.
Conscious Earth Alliance
aims to unite good-hearted people who wish to build wholistic societies that nurture all life.
With personal self-development at its core, we are finding ways to build thriving communities.
Our aim is to create an open platform to share knowledge, inspiration and best practices that empower integrated change.
A wave of united strength is sweeping the Earth, join us!

Conscious Earth Alliance
warmly invites you to our Online Conferences
where we explore the details and differences
between transhumanism and neohumanism.

“Without a doubt, the era of materialistic domination of society is near an end. The new era is fast approaching.
The first rays of humanity’s bright new dawn are already starting to illuminate the eastern horizon”

R. Gauthier, PhD           

The views expressed by invited speakers do not necessarily reflect the views of Conscious Earth Alliance.


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November 2021
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10-11 JULY 2021


Part 1

DAY 1 - Saturday 10 July

2:45 PM CEST Welcome and Introduction

3 - 4 PM CEST

Joachim Gerlach

JoachimJoachim Gerlach, entrepreneur of successful business enterprises on natural health and remedies and truth seeker, has been involved for many year in development and sustainability projects.

Hidden power and secret agendas behind the pandemic and alternative therapeutic solutions
A presentation with Q&A

Our first speaker, Joachim Gerlach, shares insights as to the hidden structures of power currently at work within the world and within which technology is embedded.

How and why are certain groups pushing and promoting transhumanist agendas?

How the ongoing digitalization of
all sectors is being accelerated by the current pandemic and the
isolation of humans is forcing them to replace physical activity with digital activities.

Declaration of very powerful talking heads and tech giants, that humans will be directly, physically integrated into the Internet of things.
How will that be achieved?

Open advocacy towards gene treatment and gene manipulation
on humans.
How the upcoming wave of chronic diseases, as a result of the pandemic and the experimental treatment approaches, will leave gene therapy as the only option to „cure“ people.


Description of the current publicly available information on “gain of function experiments“ and the possible origins of this virus.

Description of how SARS-COV-2
is affecting human health, which are the pathways of entry, fusion, which organs are affected, Long Covid and also what treatment options are available.

Vaccines, short summary of currently available information.

4 - 5 PM CEST

Chris Lonsdale

Chris Lonsdale

Chris Lonsdale is a psychologist, linguist, educator, author, published journalist, entrepreneur, dialogue facilitator, healer and advisor for both individuals and organizations and has over thirty-five years of experience doing business in Asia. At the core, he is a creator and a truth seeker.
He designed and built the Kungfu English mobile self-learning system, wrote “The Third Ear” and his TEDx talk on Language Learning is one of the top 10 TEDx videos of all time. His book “How to Learn Any Language in 6 Months”, penned directly in Mandarin Chinese, is a best-seller in China.
Over the last 18 months he has spent several thousand hours researching the COVID-19 phenomenon and identifying what appear to be major issues of medical and institutional fraud. He has published several seminal articles sharing his findings and conclusions with the world.
From 1990 till the end of 1994 Chris was Managing Director of Permaculture Asia Ltd., a Hong Kong-based consultancy he founded, that specialized in corporate environmental management. Permaculture Asia focused on the change management (individual and organizational) that is required to put into place effective environmental initiatives.  Client organizations included Cathay Pacific Airways, Inchcape Pacific, and the Hong Kong Legislative Council.
In mid-1989 Chris was the Co-ordinator in Hong Kong and China for a North Pole Expedition (ICEWALK) designed to raise awareness of critical global environmental problems. In early 1990 he represented Hong Kong on an elephant-back ecological journey through India.
Patrick Botte
Patrick BottePatrick Botte is a biologist and electro-physiologist.
He began his professional career as a researcher in the biophysics department of the VUB and plant physiology department of the ULB at the Université Libre de BRUXELLES. His original research was concerned with the study of membrane potentials of bacteria.
His research in the field of alternative therapies, led him to follow the formation of osteopathy and sacro-cranial therapy.
He is currently an independent scientific researcher on everything that can “promote communication, connection, relationships, convergence with oneself, with others and with nature”.
His constant interest in research led him to reflect on the relationship that could exist between physiological rhythms, the rhythms of nature, the rhythms that could be extracted from the cardiac system and brain waves. His various skills have allowed him to develop applications allowing the detection of the craniosacral wave from the cardiac signal.
“Patrick is also co inventor of , , see his site and bio

“Corona Virus “Crisis” and mRNA Vaccines:  Pandemic or Transhumanist Agenda Roll-Out?”

The entire world appears to be stuck in a strange trance, where increasingly the only thing that matters is a jab in the arm with untested gene therapy in order for life to return to some form of normality. It’s a new world where conformity appears valued over scientific thinking. Compliance has replaced a life based on principles and meaningful core values; where the very essence of thought and science has been replaced with shallow conformity, virtue signaling and sound bites. In this presentation we will explore how this change happened and explore the consciousness required to escape “the new matrix”.

5 - 6 PM CEST

Harald Kautz-Vella
HaraldHarald came to public attention in 2012 with an analysis of “The Chemistry in Contrails” in which he provided strong evidence for two transhumanist technologies that are airborne and in the process of self-assembling within human biology. He presented evidence that these two AI-based mind-control technologies target the nervous system of the human body.

“Beyond the dark occult and transhumanism”

Harald Kautz will present his understanding of the duality of good and evil. He will give a brief description of neural nanobots, the Morgellon-based biophoton interface and a possible sentient AI-driven world simulation.
He will further discuss the latest challenges facing humanity under the covid-19 agenda, which he believes is an integral part of the bio-robotisation of humanity. Finally he will present possible medical solutions to the infertility problem induced by covid-19, vaccinations and spike-protein-shedding from vaccinated people.

6 - 6:15 PM CEST Break

6:15 - 7 PM CEST

Q&A, discussion and responses to earlier presentations

7 - 8 PM CEST


RavishekharRavi-Shekhar has a background in yoga, meditation, eastern mysticism and social activism. He believes humanity is moving through a historic shift of consciousness that is manifesting as polarisation between progressive and regressive forces.

“How neohumanism can free humanity from emerging totalitarian systems”
A lecture with Q&A

Unity amongst progressive people and groups is essential today. To address this a clear concept of fundamental human purpose is required. With this as the base an expansive social outlook can be developed that is capable of inspiring benevolent and revolutionary social movements.

8:00 PM CEST Closing and sharing
8:20 PM CEST End

DAY 2 - Sunday 11 July

1:45 PM CEST Welcome and Introduction

2 - 2:45 PM CEST

Peter Jadinge

Peter is a long time student of “Neo-humanism”, propounded by P. R. Sarkar as ‘Humanism newly explained in a new light for a new generation’. Born in Sweden 63 years ago, he travelled the world as a monk before settling back in his native country. He is also an interpreter of Bengali devotional songs.

“The human march to all round liberation
A presentation with Q&A

For the first time in known history humanity stands before a collective awakening. It is a birth fraud with incredible existential danger because the forces that seek to prevent the flowering of humanity stand arraigned; a wall of opposition against those of us who have just snapped out of slumber and are just beginning to find our bearings.
In this David and Goliath struggle humanity has little by way of worldly cannons and fire-power.
The dandelion breaks through the toughest concrete with a force from the depths of life itself. In the same way humanity, and each individual member of it, has a mighty weapon, a force that is part and parcel of our momentum towards the stars. Already today individuals and groups of people are learning to tame this immense power, and so they should, because if it is ripped from their hands it will be a long time before humanity can recommence its journey to the stars.

2:45 - 3:15 PM - CEST

Amar Fernandes

Amar is a human rights and environmental activist for the last 30 years involved in forest and river preservation in the Amazon/Atlantic rainforests in Brazil; he is currently establishing a Food Forest community. Amar is a board member of the UN Human Rights Council.

“The Lozanov method – a natural and low-tech approach to accelerated learning”
Presentation and Q&A

Amar will present Dr Georgi Lozanov, father of accelerated learning methodology. Lozanov created a highly effective method of teaching based on how the brain actually learns. This methodology he applied to the teaching of foreign languages, with remarkable results. 
Lozanov asked what message do we, as teachers, give our learners? His method emphasises learning as being easy and fun where the teacher helps the learner move beyond their limiting beliefs so as to discover their full human potential. Lozano’s method enabled learning at a rate 3 to 5 times faster than with traditional teaching methods.

3:15 - 4 PM CEST

Radha Cohen


Trauma recovery and Gestalt psychotherapist, nutritional endocrinology health coach and co-founder of ‘Living Total Wellness’.

“The Awakening of Humanity”
A live workshop

This is a time for awakening personally as well as collectively. In this workshop we will look at our own personal processes of discovering growth and change, sharing our insights, problems and inspirations, challenges and transformations.

4 - 4:15 PM CEST Break

4:15 - 4:45 PM CEST

Dr Kjetil Johansen
kjetilDr Kjetil Johansen 54 yrs old, from the Arctic port Tromso, north of Norway. Proud father of 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, a yogi, a meditator and with interest in science and always pay close attention to the details and facts presented.
Worked as a MD for over 20 years, and studied medicine in the Dept. of Medicine in University of Oslo, Norway from 1991-1999. After internship worked mostly in general practice, one year in psychiatry and one year in surgery. During studies he travelled extensively around the globe, and visited India several times to learn about meditation and other spiritual practices. A student of Master yogi Arkady Shirin since 2013. He had the opportunity to take one year off medical studies in 1996 and partake in a 3 semester study in the science of literature. In his professional work he bases his approach to regain health, primarily by viewing food as medicine, following the same principles as in Functional and Integrative Medicine.

“A doctor’s view of the agendas behind the pandemic”

Dr Kjetil Johansen claims the vaccine is experimental gene therapy that could have devastating effects in the long term. He will be sharing his understandings of the elites who he says are behind this.

4:45 - 5:15 PM - CEST

Dr Elke de Klerk

Dr ElkeCo-founder of Doctors for Truth in the Netherlands founded in the wake of covid propaganda, their motto is: “Let us unite people to bring back truth and ethics into the world of medicine .”

She considers the vaccine to be experimental and feels its roll-out has lacked real care from the heart. She believes divide and rule strategies are being pushed by elites who are exploiting the pandemic for their own purposes.

“Oneness strategy”

She will present her efforts and the work of Doctors for Truth to unite ethical professionals in finding solutions to covid propaganda and untruths.

5:15 - 6 PM - CEST

Group updates
The World Freedom Alliance


DoloresManeka Helleberg, is chairperson and
Professor Cahill is president of the World Freedom Alliance. World freedom Alliance aims to create a network of networks bringing truth, freedom and best practice to the world. We are all facing big challenges together. The best chance to get through this and to get stronger, is to unite.

Professor Cahill received her degree in Molecular Genetics from Trinity College Dublin (1989) and her Ph.D. in Immunology from Dublin City University in 1994. She was the group leader of the Protein Technology Group in the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin, Germany (1996-2003). She co-founded a biotechnology company, Protagen AG ( in Dortmund to commercialize this technology. She was a Professor of Translational Science at the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Sciences from 2005 until March 2021.

“Protecting freedom in a covid-world – The World Freedom Alliance”

As leading representatives, they will present and inspire us with the ideals, work and efforts of the World Freedom Alliance.

6 - 6:20 PM CEST

Jon Swinden – Humanist Movement


Jon is a retired architect living in London, UK. He has been a volunteer in the Humanist Movement since the early seventies, developing activities in the UK, Europe, Africa and Latin America.

“The Humanist Movement, its origins and activities”

Beginning with a brief overview of the development of the Humanist Movement and its founder, Argentine thinker and writer, Silo, Jon’s presentation will reference a range of activities in health and education as well as in the social, cultural and political fields. It will include an account of “Pressenza”, a humanist international news agency promoting peace and nonviolence. He will conclude with a description of the “Parks of Study and Reflection”, illustrating the spiritual dimension of the humanist project as expressed through “Silo’s Message”.


6:20 - 6:50 PM - CEST

Blue Eagle

Blue EagleBlue Eagle is a Metis Shaman from Canada. He has studied extensively with many Elders from different First Nations. He has been working as a traditional spiritual counselor, teacher and healer since 1987. He has written 8 books, composed 8 CDs of therapeutic music and created 8 aromatherapy perfumes that are available in many countries. He has trained 12 active shamanic practitioners. His entire life has been dedicated to the healing of humanity and the earth. He has never believed in the current system and has always studied, practiced and worked as would have a traditional shaman. He has adapted several traditional methods to fit our current circumstances.

“When technology didn’t rule the world”

Neohumanism from a shaman’s point of view is a step in the good direction but not far enough. All technology, without exception, reduces man’s abilities. It replaces talents, spiritual muscles, aptitudes that can be reproduced by the human mind. If you walk with crutches or any prosthesis the muscles normally used when not using them atrophy. A good example is the telephone. Every 2 to 3 years, all shamans in certain regions of our immense landscapes covering thousands of square miles in Quebec, several times the area that is now France, would meet. They would know where and when. How? Telepathy. The easiest extra sensorial aptitude to master is telepathy. The most difficult is teleportation. But one that masters teleportation can be anywhere is this galaxy instantaneously. Some could fly through the air, literally. We called them sky walkers. I have a whole book on what our people could do that was beyond what Europeans thought possible as was reported by the first colonizers. I’ve seen many things myself. As we have people who can look into the future, I can with complete confidence say that in a few thousand years there is no technology left on planet earth and the only people here are native nations living on the land, and these extraordinary feats are commonplace.

I’ve mastered several abilities myself. I no longer speak of them, as the current forces controlling the world have a tendency to eliminate people like me. Nothing new, crucifying those who carry the light has been going on for millennia. But the current dark forces have only been active here for 12 000 years. They call this civilization. Our people have an ongoing history that goes back 127 500 some years. We have the wisdom of the ages to know what’s going to happen and be ready for it.

6:50 - 7:10 PM - CEST

Neohumanism versus Transhumanism – some closing thoughts

7:10 - 7:30 PM CEST Closing and sharing
7:30 PM CEST End


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