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Conscious Earth Alliance

represents an effort to unite ethical people

who wish to bring positive social change at this critical time.

Existing models of society are crumbling.
Conscious Earth Alliance
aims to unite good-hearted people who wish to build wholistic societies that nurture all life.
With personal self-development at its core, we are finding ways to build thriving communities.
Our aim is to create an open platform to share knowledge, inspiration and best practices that empower integrated change.
A wave of united strength is sweeping the Earth, join us!

Conscious Earth Alliance
warmly invites you to this Online Conference
where we explore the themes of inner and outer transformation
as well as look at some of the major obstacles we are facing at this time.

“Without a doubt, the era of materialistic domination of society is near an end. The new era is fast approaching.
The first rays of humanity’s bright new dawn are already starting to illuminate the eastern horizon”

R. Gauthier, PhD            


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27-28 MARCH and 3-4 APRIL 2021


Part 1

DAY 1 - Saturday 27 March

9-10 AM - CET


Ravi-shekarRavi-Shekhar has a background in yoga, meditation, eastern mysticism and social activism. He believes humanity is moving through a historic shift of consciousness that is manifesting as polarisation between progressive and regressive forces.

“An integrated approach to social transformation.”
A lecture with Q&A

An ego-dominated consciousness is no longer an evolutionary option for humanity. Unity amongst progressive people and groups, is crucial at this time. For such unity to happen a more expansive, integrated approach to social change is required. In his presentation he explores the Progress Triangle and the three dimensions needed for effective social development and transformation.

10-11 AM - CET

Amarand interviewer – Dave Few

AmarAmar is an environmental and human rights activist, with 30 years experience of recognised socio/environmental projects and forest/river preservation in the Amazon/Atlantic rainforests in Brazil and Central America. Chair member of the UN Human Rights Council.

“Eco-spirituality versus the great reset and agenda 2021″
An interview with Q&A

There is hope after the dark period in which our planet and human race are presently traversing. A great transition is in the making, and we need to make it happen. Eco-spirituality is the cure for re-establishing a new socio-political-cultural equilibrium for the planet.

We must occupy the rural areas to defend the natural world from the “agenda” of corporate control of natural resources. His talk emphasizes on the urgency for decentralization. A serious issue related to “the great reset” and agenda 21/30/50. Vested interests want to remove the family-farm and all forest dwellers from rural areas to implement mining, large scale robotic and mono GMO culture, as well as taking control of mineral springs. As unbelievable as this seems, it’s an agenda that people need to become aware of and wake up to. Not because it may succeed, but because early awareness will make it fail.

11-12 AM - CET

Radha Cohen

RadhaTrauma recovery and Gestalt psychotherapist, nutritional endocrinology health coach and co-founder of ‘Living Total Wellness’.

“The tyranny of censorship curtailing fundamental human rights – A wake up call for people’s power and freedom?”
A presentation with Q&A

At this very juncture of global change, the curtailing of freedom of speech and other fundamental human rights, is indicative of a global conflict on all fronts to free humanity from psychological manipulation, pseudo-culture control, and economic subjugation. Radha will illustrate a way to find a renewed path leading towards human self-fulfillment and consciousness raising.

12-1 PM - CET

Peter Jadinge

Peter is a long time student of alternative economy and draws on these perspectives in his critique of present day capitalism. 

The present economic crash and the crypto phenomenon
A lecture with Q&A

In this presentation he will offer an explanation for the ongoing economic turbulence in the world, and the potential role of crypto phenomenon. He offers the perspective that human ethics is the call of the day. He prospects a novel and benevolent way to navigate these turbulent economic times and make a real difference in people’s lives as well as the earth as a whole. 

DAY 2 - Sunday 28 March

9-10 AM - CEST

Mikko Ahonen (PhD)

Mikko Ahonen, is a researcher in the area of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and health.

“Risk management of 5G technology and the EMF impact on disease and immune system”
A presentation with Q&A

“5G is a new technology with features likes beam-forming and usage of millimetre waves. In this presentation I will show, that we should look at the whole path through GSM-3G-4G and especially consumers’ risky usage patterns of mobile data. After this discussion, I will look at the research on health and environmental effects of radio frequency (RF) radiation since 1970. This presentation includes several risk-management tips and ends with a discussion on what to do for our environment and future generation’s health.

10-11 AM - CEST

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor

Peter Taylor is an author in the field of Environmental Science and interdisciplinary exploration. Former environmentalist with the EU and UN. He is a science educator and researcher tackling the global eco-cultural crises of the twenty-first century.

“Climate and consciousness change”
A live interview with Q&A

In this interview Peter Taylor will present an analysis of climate change, showing that our climate could very well cool as much as warm up over the next few decades. The current narrative of science seems to speak unanimously about ‘global warming’. This assumption will have an impact on housing, energy policies, food production and supply, as well as health. We need  a major shift in consciousness to radically rebalance our living conditions and the ecology of the planet.

11-12 AM - CEST

Michael Zazzio

Michael Zazzio

Michael spans a wide range of expertise from biology to chemistry, from astronomy to social psychology. He is a medical researcher and clinician specialised in audiology for more than 22 years. Michael is an editor of the Swedish magazine Health Freedom [Hälsofrihet] and chief editor of the Swedish magazine 3rd Millennium Science [2000-Talets Vetenskap]. He is a judge at the International Natural and Common Law Tribunal, for public health and justice, set up in October 2020, as a legal representation for healthcare staff and children.

“A fundamental understanding of Covid 19 & beyond”
A live interview with Q&A

In this live interview Michael will provide clear-cut answers to many shaky questions around Covid 19. He will also address those unspoken questions in regard to the effectiveness of natural cures, the use of PCR tests, and more specifically the potential health hazards of Moderna and Pfizer mRNA imposed “genetic treatments”.

12-1 PM - CEST

Michael Walker and Dharmendra Laur

MichaelDharmendraMichael Walker has a background in economics, environmental education, disaster relief, trauma support. He has been a long-term climate activist. He is now involved in the formation and establishment of the Progressive Party of Aotearoa New Zealand and was a candidate for the 2020 elections.

“Wholistic political parties: the New Zealand & Australian experience”
A discussion with Q&A

Explaining the context and importance of using political parties as a tool to confront materialism and promote and develop holistic political policies and culture. Relating this work to the urgent situation of climate change.

Dharmendra Laur is a political activist, journalist and has a background in physics and yogic practice. He is mainly occupied with building a progressive political party called “Menschliche Welt”. He is based in Germany.

“Spiritual activism – How to raise collective consciousness through political field work”

Over the last few years we were very fortunate to be able to take part in many elections as well as to establish our political party in the majority of Germany’s federal states. In doing that, we learned a lot about the nuts and bolts of hands on political work, as well as how to communicate and spread spiritual ideals within a political framework.


Lolita Ranjan and Nils Rune Dønnessen

Lolita and Nils

Nils Rune Dønnessen from Norway is a social networking activist.  

“The understanding and the enforcement of Common Law and human rights, leading to people’s empowerment.”
A presentation with Q&A


Part 2

Day 3 - Saturday 3 April

9-10 AM - CEST

Ganga Devi


Ganga DeviGanga Devi is a spiritual teacher and the founder/director of the Himalayan Yoga Institute. She has been practicing and teaching yoga and meditation since 1988.

Whilst living in India in the early nineties, she devoted herself to the in-depth study of a variety of subjects, including eastern metaphysics, philosophy, Sanskrit, several living Indian languages, vocal music, percussion, Indian classical dance and yoga.
She has completed her masters in humanities from the University of Zagreb, a yoga therapy training at the “Himalayan Institute of Integrated Therapies” in India and is a yoga teacher trainer who has trained many yoga teacher trainees around the world over a span of 10 years.

Her soon to be published book on the chakras delves deep into the mysteries of transformation and evolution through self-mastery.

“Chakras – the 7 vortexes of self-mastery”
A presentation with Q&A

Chakras have inspired spiritual aspirants, seekers and mystics for thousands of years. They have intrigued many psychologists, psycho-therapists and the general public for over a century. As gateways to consciousness, chakras are truly fascinating.

This presentation will articulate the tantric view of the chakras as powerful tools for our spiritual evolution and shift of our individual and collective consciousness, leading towards full mastery of our chakras.

10-11 AM - CEST

Yogesh Osher

YogeshYogesh is a Gestalt psychotherapist and a life wellness coach, co-founder of “Living Total Wellness” coaching system. He is skilled in group work and group therapy processes.

CEA group process: “Defeat hopelessness and uncertainty by building self-confidence, empowerment and community through self-awareness and authentic, choice-full connection with others”
A live group workshop

Feel and step back before rationalizing and/or looking for solutions. The experience of inner depth reaches each one of us in the group, feeling one another beautifully moving into our hearts. The experience feels more real, closer to reality than just being in our mind or in the head. We discover ourselves in another way, something that maybe we never had a chance to express and maybe did not even know about, and it is something we can bring with us and remember forever. The group provides a wonderful support and a way to connect through our true expression of feeling and trust.

A great group experience that can bring each one of us in motion at a deeper level.

11 AM - 12 PM - CEST

Anthony Lovage


Anthony was the co-founder of Food For All, with interest in herbs and foods as medicine (1976). As student of the University of east London (UeL – School of Independent Study), he studied person-centred counselling and also attended a diploma course in psychodynamic, with placements in bereavement and anxiety care; at a later period western and traditional herbal medicine. 

“Immunity choices in health and life: an experiential workshop on health and well-being”
A discussion

His main interest is to discuss the background and implications of the decline of health in the post war agro-industrial period. In this workshop we will discuss the background facts and implications in the decline of health in our current times and its role in the present Covid fatalities. We will also be looking at the increasing reliance on pharmaceutical solutions vs maintaining a balanced healthy existence without harming oneselves or the ecosystems. We will look at the use of organic and natural elements, from traditional and complementary medicines, to promote self-reliance, societal equilibrium and minimum impact on earth’s finite heath giving resources.

12 - 1 PM - CEST



A tantra yoga monk, based in Nicaragua, dedicated to the service of humanity and the elevation of all sentient beings.

“Six steps on how to overcome obstacles and fear”
A presentation with Q&A

Fear is the most debilitating emotion in the human psyche when not controlled. Most of our mental complexes stem from it. Overcoming fear and obstacles in general results in better self-esteem, success and internal peace. Learning to train ourselves to use specific techniques for that is the aim of this workshop. Once we become familiar with your own fears, many things are possible. We then become aware of deep entrenched beliefs that inhibit ourselves and society to grow.

Day 4 - Sunday 4 April

9:30 - 10AM CEST


“Why Self-development today is crucial for positive social change”

10 - 11AM - CEST

Mirakle King


After working on the Greater Unified Earth vision in the past couple of years, Mirakle King recently talked about his personal, ‘Heroic Spinal Resurrection’ story for the first time in public.

He transmits his divinely inspiring, miraculous human journey from ‘Near Death Fall’ resulting in spinal paralysis to a ‘New Normal Lifestyle’ thriving in unlimited, multi-dimensional possibilities. If he can do it, so can all, to become someone new.

“Spontaneous regeneration”
A video followed by an interview with Q&A

According to the Divine Intelligence guidance, 2021-2022 will be pivotal years for the entire human race to choose either a dystopian AI fear-enslaved technocracy or full soul loving return to the collective “Divine Miracle Blueprint” with PlanET Mother Earth.
Future human children are watching all of our essential, heartfelt actions right now.
Activate your Future Timeline – be and do everything you can to shift into, breathe and merge with it completely.
This is the inner balance work to quantum navigate the paradox of our current global climate.
It all genuinely begins with a daily “Coherent Self-Loving Meditation” practice.

11AM - 12PM - CEST

Didi Ananda Shubhashisa

Didi Ananda SubhashisaDidi is a tantric yogi, dedicated to the emancipation and liberation of women, discovering true purpose and the ultimate goal of existence.

‘Tapping and synergizing gender-specific potentialities to shape a new world  – The 4 essential requirements to manifest this reality”
A presentation with Q&A

Conscious women and men are keen to establish their respective authenticity and sovereignty, leaving behind the distortions of old models. When we develop  our true gender-specific potentialities and combine our respective strengths, the full spectrum of human power and possibilities emerges, resulting in the new paradigm of a triumphant humanity. In this presentation, we will look at the 4 essential factors which lead to these developments.  

12 - 1:30 PM - CEST

Dan Winter

Dan Winter’s background spans a broad spectrum of disciplines from mechanics, mathematics, sacred geometry to physics and the metaphysics of bliss. He pursued graduate studies in psychophysiology, and the origins of languages, as well as trained in the Gurdjieff school at Claymont, and much much more. Dan is a prolific writer and much of his work is available on the Internet.

The physics of kundalini
A presentation with Q&A

Dan teaches the actual musical frequencies of kundalini and bliss; and the wave mechanics for how and why they are ‘implosive and negentropic’.

“In terms of meditation, my personal experiences of intense kundalini experiences was brought on by the Gurdjieff sacred gymnastic and the breath work. The essence of meditation is simple, you need to have a very long wave that can then embed short waves. To embed yourself in a long wave is the function of ritual and meditation. So that process of getting yourself phase aligned with very long waves is sometimes called rapt, or rapture, where you have a vice like sort of grip that you feel electrically when you get really still. And that is a way to commune with the infinite.

The risk is that if you do that communion without coming back and bringing it into the world which is called grounding, and grounding is access to a fractal for psychologists or electricians. That if you come back without finally delivering that information you’ve picked up by entering the stillness, it becomes fractionating, that the only way you avoid the hive mind is when you come back and individuate what you’ve learned and find a way to share it practically.

1:30 - 1:50PM - CEST

Closing and participant feedback


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