Conscious Earth Alliance
Free Online Saturday Conference

11th September 2021, 10am – 8pm CEST (Paris time)

“Health, Wellbeing and Raising your Vibration”

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Welcome to our third online Conscious Earth Alliance Conference where we explore new insights into all-round health, well-being and what can you do to raise your vibration.

You will learn about the following topics:

  • Yoga and meditation for emotional healing — Ravi-shekhar Ananda
  • Homeopathy as preventive medicine — naturopath Madhu O’Brien
  • Master Mineral Solution (MMS) — the power of chlorine dioxide — how it works and why it works, a teacher of chemistry and physics, yoga instructor Beatriz Casteres
  • Bliss hygiene and biofeedback therapy — a new physics perspective based on sacred geometry; electrical engineer and inventor Dan Winter
  • Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong — a dive into the causes of illness and how to maintain health – with acclaimed authors, Dawn Lester and David Parker
  • The power of detox — therapist Radha Cohen
  • Natural health solutions for covid-19 — herbalist Lakshmi Shivalanka


Join our talented and dedicated speakers who explore these themes in the context of what’s happening in the world today.


Timezone CEST Minutes 
10:0010:2020Introduction and welcome
10:2011:1757“Yoga and meditation perspectives on emotional healing”. Presenter Ravi-shekhar Ananda, a teacher of tantra yoga philosophy and practice
11:2012:1757“Homeopathy as preventive medicine”. Presenter Madhu O’Brien, naturopath
12:3013:2757“Uses and utilization of Chlorine dioxide – Master Mineral Solution (MMS) – how it works and why it works”. Presenter Beatriz Casteres, chemistry and physics teacher and yoga instructor
13:3014:00 – Break –
14:0015:2787“Bliss hygiene and biofeedback therapy: a new physics perspective based on sacred geometry”. Presenter Dan Winter, electrical engineer and inventor
15:3016:5787“Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong”. Presenters Dawn Lester and David Parker, acclaimed authors of What Really Makes You ill
17:0017:30 – Break –
17:3018:2757“How to Detox, Prevent and Overcome Disease!” Presenter Radha Cohen, gestalt psychotherapist, health coach, detox practitioner
18:4019:3757Natural Health Solutions for COVID19″. Presenter Lakshmi Shivalanka, herbalist
19:4020:2040Closing, sharing
20:20  end

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